Candy Corn Witch Costume

When they came closer, they saw that the little house was built entirely from bread, with a roof made of cake, and the windows were made of clear sugar.
Hansel reached up and broke off a little of the roof to see how it tasted, while Gretel stood next to the windowpanes and was nibbling at them.
Then a gentle voice cried out from the inside: Nibble, nibble little mouse.
Who is nibbling at my house?

The children answered:
The wind, the wind.
Suddenly the door opened, and a woman as old as the hills came creeping out.
Hansel and Gretel were so terribly frightened that they let fall what they had in their hands.
The old woman, however, nodded her head, and said, “Oh, you dear children, who has brought you here? Do come in and stay with me. No harm shall happen to you.
She took them both by the hand, and led them both into her little house. Then good food was set before them, milk and pancakes, with sugar, apples, and nuts.
The old woman had only pretended to be so kind. She was in reality a wicked witch, who lay in wait for children, and had only built the little house of bread in order to entice them there.

Handmade costume consists of:

-knit striped legwarmers

-black turtleneck with pieced fabric candy corn motif

- ribbon skirt -strips of organza cut with pinking shears and knotted around elastic waistband

- pieced fabric witches hat

Text from:   Hansel and Gretel - Brothers Grimm

Costume made by my sister MJ.   ~ Thank you so much!