Buying quality clothing for kids

A month back, I wrote a post on my blog Little Kin Journal about why I choose to buy kids clothing in a good quality, and since I’ve had a lot of comments on the subject since, I find that it could be interesting to elaborate on the subject. 

Buying clothes in good quality for your little ones does seem irrelevant for a lot of parents. When they're still babies, they outgrow everything before they've hardly used it. When they reach their toddler-years they constantly get food or coloring pens all over it, and when they've finally learned to master the skills of drawing and eating, they start riding bikes, scooters and skateboard, climb trees and play football which results in more dirt and even some torn knees.

Picture Soor Ploom, SS16.

But even though it might seem like a waste of money to you, when the high street shops sell a whole outfit for less than 15 $, there are several good reasons to buy lesser but better when it comes to kids clothing.

Pictures, Christina Rohde, SS16, shot by Olivia Rohde.

Here’s why I only end up in a high-street shop when we’re in urgent need of princess-underpants or a pink costume dress in a synthetic material that will only be worn once or twice.


This is my main reason for trying to reduce shopping in high-street chains. There’s a reason why high street chains and other discount shops can sell a cute dress for under 20 dollars. And unfortunately it is not a good one. A lot of really cheap clothes are produced under the poorest conditions, where women, men and even children are working with chemicals or in buildings that are dangerous to enter and getting paid next to nothing. 

Pictures, Angulus, SS16.


If you buy good quality kids clothes from popular brands and look after it well, there’s a good chance, you can sell it again and get some of your money back. You can either choose to have a shop do it for you (if you’re in the US check out an online shop like Girls on Greenwich and if your in Denmark, visit Greibe Kumari, Haberdash, Trendsales or Reshopper-app) or you can do it yourself. These days, starting your own little instagram shop is becoming very popular. 


Picture, Caramel Baby and Child, SS 16.

Choose organic:

Organic kids clothes are often more expensive, but for good reasons. Here, we’re not only talking about the conditions under which the clothes are produced. Non organic clothes can contain a lot of chemicals which potentially could be damaging to especially babies and younger children. 

Pictures, Soor Ploom, SS16.


Good quality means a longer life for each piece of clothing, which again means that it can be passed down to siblings, cousins or friends. Nothing better than seeing your youngest in her sisters old favorite dress.

Let the clothes grow with the child: 

When I buy good quality kids clothes, I know it will stay nice for a longer period of time. This is why I often choose to buy it a little big. A long dress, still looks nice when it’s not so long anymore and a cardigan which in the beginning was oversized and cozy is still popular when it’s a snug fit.

Picture, Grey Label, SS16.

smaller wardrobe means that each piece will bw used more often:

Last but not least, buying more expensive and better quality clothes hopefully means buying less. Go for items that fit into your childs excisting wardrobe and only buy somthing when it’s actually needed.