Bright start

Hello, tere from Estonia! 
Yes, it’s a nice nice summer outside, but when the bell strikes, then Cinderella must go back to school… and the ‘normal’ rhythm starts again.

It’s a long tradition here that the school year starts on 1st of September. It has been so since I can remember - always on the same day, no matter whether it is Monday or Sunday! For us the 1st of September determines when the fun, easygoing summer ends. 

Although me (Kirsi from and the photographer Katrina Tang (, we are both quite international and work where inspiration flows, we still like to come back to Estonia and always marvel how little, predictable and cozy everything is. And how nice it is to know, that some things don’t change.

This series, BRIGHT START, was made to celebrate the beginning of another school year – meeting friends again, making new buddies, going first or maybe last steps in the school yard. But it is also a reminder, that school can be fun and playful. In a different way than summer holiday of course, but it can be also lovable and cool. If you let it be.

Bright beginnings everyone!

All these clothes are high street fashion labels as,  Zara, HM, Next and Bershka!