Books we love: Monster Table Manners

We all love the funny and comfy clothes from Bobo Choses. The girls have their favourites - well worn and very dear. So do I. I love the brand for their graphic prints. And of course we also love the Petit Books by Bobo Choses - the new one is no exception. The title alone makes us giggle: "Monster Table Manners. Or Rules for Ghosts & Goblin's mischievous behaviour..." 

Last night I had two giggling monsters at the dining table. "We are just following the Monster Manual", said my 5-years old. So we had a monster party and did all the things you are normally not allowed at the dining table - just like Clever Ghost, Mr Peeps, Nails, Mr Shy, Bob the Monster, Puzzled Ghost and The Omelettes - and it was really fun and freeing.  

"Monster Table Manners" is written by Luciano Torres and illustred by Magda Codina and Adriana Esperalba. The blue cover has the same look as a classic manual, and the kids really love the reverse-feeling of opening it up and finding a manual telling you all the forbidden, naughty and mischievous things. So let the clumsy, shy and friendly monsters come for dinner or tea party - maybe they will even get the fantasies about the bad monsters hidden underneath the bed go away!

Purchase the book here.  

Happy reading - Inger Marie //