Books we love: I'm a bubble

How did I become me?
Why did I become a girl?
Why didn't I become a gorilla? 
Why do some become sad?
How do we become alive?
How do we die? 

These are all questions from a wonderful Swedish book - Jag blir en bubbla som blir ett monster som blir ett barn ["I'll be a bubble who will be a monster who will be a child"] written by Malin Axelsson, illustrated by Klara Persson and published by our absolute favourite Swedish publisher Urax Förlag. But they could just as well be questions from my kids. "Mommy, how did I become me?" is not unfamiliar and always occurs while I'm busy cooking or working. And of course, I love those questions - just not always do I have a satisfactory answer at hand. And the answer could be many things - there is no single right answer to these existential and philosophical wonderings of our littlest ones. That is why we love "I'll be a bubble" - it poses all these questions pell-mell just as our kids would do it. There is no logic and no right or wrong. There is wonderings and open-ended options. At the end we know that, yes, we did start our life in the belly of our mom like a bubble and we did turn out as kids - but the rest of our life is wonderfully open and uncertain. 

Of course this is a favourite of my kids. Who would not love these colourful, naïve and funny illustrations by Klara Persson? And who do not love to imagine to be a gorilla, or a pyramid, or a star, or a dog - just for a moment? Although it also feels a bit unsafe to leave what we know as stable and evident. "Will I also die sometime?", Frida Viola asks - "and what about great-grandmom? She is old - but what will happen to her?" 

This is a book for curiosity, imagination and for daring a bit. It doesn't give us a definitive answer but it indicates a productive jumble of open possibilities.

 Happy reading - Inger Marie //