Books We Love: Flower Mandala by Maria Trolle

I have two girls who love to draw. As I did myself when I was a kid. I'm aware though, that this doesn't imply my kids to do the same - and I feel quite grateful for the hours they spend every day at their drawing table immersed in their own creative projects, quietly chatting and calming down after the bustling school day. This means time for coffee and cooking for me - but it also means proud and happy kids and lots of art for our walls.

Swedish illustrator Maria Trolle's Flower Mandala colouring book recently released from Pagina is a beautiful collection of flower plates for colouring - or just to look at and talk about. The book is wordless and the black and white flower illustrations kind of speak for themselves in their vegetating beauty. This is the kind of book that nourish the fantasy and the creative mind of my little girls. It's a book you can actually do something with.  

You can take the pages of the book out and hang them up as posters - or use them as presents for Christmas. Maria Trolle has also created a booklet of postcards by the same principle - a couple of our already colored by the girls and gifted for grandma's birthday.

And as it is getting colder and our garden is closing down for winter, the Flower Mandala book is also perfect for talking with the little ones about the change of seasons and their different plants. You'll see some glimpses from Maria's own garden and source of inspiration at her blog Trolles Garden

Happy reading and drawing - Inger Marie //

A sweet idea for the Christmas wish list or for the December calender - purchase it here.
Maria Trolle: Blomstermandala, Pagina, ISBN 978-91-636-1137-7