BOOKS WE LOVE: Bobo Choses' Charcoal Moon

We always enjoy seeing what the team behind one of our favourite brands, Bobo Choses, has come up with in their series of small booklets following each collection. Charcoal Moon has the same mood and some of the same elements as the beautiful Autumn-Winter 1015/16 collection, The Unknown Mountain Journey.

We enter a charcoal dark nigh where the moon har lost its light because noboby looks at her anymore. We hear that travellers no longer have their way lit; poets have lost their souce of inspiration and there's no one who listens to us, when we feel lonely during nighttime. Through an adventurous journey, a hare, a mannered horse, a clever fox and a little boy travels through forests and rivers to the top of the highest mountains to help the moon recover her shine. 

It's a lovely little story about doing the impossible - about being tiny little and travelling through the vast darkness of fall and winter encountering something that is far bigger than imaginable. It's also a story directed by the logic and the impulsive activeness of children. And it's a book filled with the characteristic graphic style of Bobo Choses - poetic, naivistic and happy, mixed up with the darker moods of autumn and winter. 

We never tire of fabulating and imaginating about the moon and her many facets - and this is what Charcoal Moon captures.
Charcoal Moon is the perfect little gift for Halloween. It is written by Luciano Torres with illustrations by Magda Codina, Adriana Esperalba and Lusiano Torres. 

Happy October reading - Inger Marie //