Books for dreaming

Some books are made for dreaming. Well, I guess all books are - but some trigger our imagination and daydreaming a bit more. If you ask Frida Viola, Aleksandra and David Mizielińska's beautifully illustrated "Maps" is such a book. She disappears into its endless stories about other parts of the world - other cultures, other landscapes, other types of food, other lives - and she wants to go everywhere. I agree with her. Her grandmom is travelling to New Zealand tomorrow - and it's about as far you can travel away from our Scandinavian snip of the world. We have been talking alot about what is "up" and what is "down", the moon, the sun, the stars and the different time zones - and that all this is relative, changing from whereever in the world you are. Seen from the perspective of a 5-year old, our world is a magic place - and in a few days our grandmom will walk around with her head downwards. 

The Warsaw based illustrators Aleksandra and David Mizielińska have done a wonderful job in rethinking the classic atlas. Each part of the world is explained via minutely detailed vignettes about this specific country's habits, culture, landmarks, nature, monuments, food and folk costumes. The classic stereotypes we all love to hate are integrated as well - but in a very lighthearted, friendly way - and it all speaks directly to the fantasy and the wanderlust of the little ones. It took the illustrators three years to draw all these details of the world. "Maps" was first published in Polish in 2012 and since in English via Big Picture Press. I have had a keen eye for the book ever since it was published in English, and so was very happy finally to find it in Danish via Carlsen"Kort over Verden" is a book that should be in all kindergartens, schools and children's rooms. So good to nurture our dreams about a big, friendly and peaceful world. 

Love from Inger Marie,


Aleksandra Mizielińska & Daniel Mizielińska: Kort over VerdenCarlsen, 2014 (2012), ISBN: 9788711326275