Blueberry hunt

We went for a little forest trip at the end of August and it was lovely. A Sunny and warm day and a quiet and peaceful forest - perfect.

We looked for blueberries and found just enough for a pie!

Peppi found a handful of chanterelles too! We ate them later on the evening and they were sooo delicious. Both girls asked for more so I guess we have to go on a chanterelle hunt next!

The girls made the pie almost all by themselves. Elli's job was to mix the dough but she did also some quality and taste control.

Picked some lingonberries, too.

Fresh from the oven! Oh the smell...

My little forest fairy.

The pie was so good! And I think the self-picked blueberries made it even better!

P.S Peppi is wearing a lovely dress from a Finnish brand called Papu. They just released their new collection and it's amazing! Elli's cute romper is from a small Polish company called Pan Pantaloni.