Bebe Organic – Childhood memories SS15

This time we are beginning with a story, because it is powerful and gives a better understanding about the brand and the styles.

The story goes like this: There once was a young woman (let’s call her Birgit) who studied to be a designer at London College of Fashion. She was very passionate about what she did. But boy-oh-boy she didn’t know what life had to offer for her, a path she didn’t expect to take – she gave birth to a lovely baby boy who was diagnosed with atopic eczema, a sensitive skin condition that needs special care, and that’s where we come to today.

The young eco-friendly baby wear label Bebe Organic was born out of a need to help one baby, but also to give a beautiful, eco-friendly option for so many others. After much exploring the baby fashion industry our story’s leading lady Birgit found very few brands that satisfied her (and her baby’s) needs and wishes. Both style-wise and also the garments were not good enough. Birgit wanted kids, especially babies, to wear natural, non-toxic clothes that would also be beautiful. Everlasting. Oh-so-lovely. She wanted more than she could find and decided to fill the gap herself. That’s how Bebe Organic label was created.

‘Childhood memories’ is Birgit’s second ever collection. It is dedicated to designer’s childhood memories – pure nature and happiness. Materials used in the collection are organic popline, organic corduroy, organic cotton, organic batiste and natural linen. The colortheme is eye-friendly and inspired by long summer days.  The print for this spring summer takes you on a journey of fields of royal robins, magical blue butterflies and colorful florals.

We are especially fond of Bebe Organic’s lovely hats and collars that look as if they have stepped out from an old Dutch painting. 

Love Kirsi