Beau LOves AW15 - The Dark

The always edgy, British Beau Loves AW  collection is online now and as always the styles are looking sharp, different and wonderfully quirky. The collection bears the title THE DARK this time and designer (and mother of Beau)  Faye Wilde explains why here:

"My Beau Boy is getting older so the theme's of each collection grows with him which I Love. He's still as fearless as ever... But not so Brave when it comes too the Dark. Even though he would Never admit this. Its the torch under his pillow and the gold spots of light i see on his ceiling each night that tells me otherwise :)"

So the entire collection springs from Beau's childhood moments and it plays with the theme of darkness by using mainly darker shades mixed with along with dusty and fleckish shades of pink and grey colors. The fabrics are as always on the softer side - as a great contrast to the edgy feel of the collection. The musthave banditmask print meets the heart this time and is joined by open mouths showing teeth, (reason being Beaus loosing his baby teeth) and large gold spots , which represents the gold spots of light i see every night on Beaus ceiling from his torch. These have all been mixed together with a unique set of placement prints some hand written by Beau himself.

The collection is a mix of relaxed easy to wear shapes with an edge perfect for mixing and matching whether boy or girl and the  aim is always the same for Beau Loves:
"to be unique , stand out from the masses and march to the beat of our own drum as all children are different and as designers we should celebrate this."

We love the personal and involved approach to children's fashion design and give Beau Loves a huge thumbs up from us here at Enfants Terribles Magazine!