Autumn is here

Suddenly it's autumn here in Finland - leaves are turning into yellow and red,forests are full of mushrooms and mornings are pretty and foggy. Luckily the days are still warm and sunny and we're trying to enjoy them as much as we can. Lot's of forest walks,little picnics,collecting small treasures,eating lot's of apples and damsons and just admiring the changing nature around us. I do miss summer a lot but autumn is quite lovely,too.

Many things have changed since my last post here. We had a water damage in our home in May and we lived almost the whole summer in a rented house. We moved back into our own home almost a month ago and all that time we've been without a kitchen. It's been quite irritating but somehow we've managed - and if everything goes right,we might have a kitchen next week. Meanwhile the girls can draw into the chipboard floor :)