An introduction of the new decor editor

My name is Stine Albertsen and I'm one of the new girls at Enfants Terribles Magazine. To mark that I am starting at this fantastic magazine, I believe it's appropriate that I present myself by telling you what inspires me and a little about what I am going to write about here at the blog.

Nordiske Riger

On a daily basis I manage the Danish interior and design blog The blog has become a place for me to focus on design that inspires me and which I think suits the Nordic decor trends. I work from gut feeling and write only about art and design that evokes feelings in me and which I think is design coming from people with something fabulous on their minds. Besides being a blog Nordiske Riger also operates as a webshop which currently sells vintage ceramics.

When I am not blogging I work as a photographer, where I usually work on freelance assignments for different companies and on my own projects. My home is on Funen in the heart of Denmark. Here I live in a small but lovely village with my boyfriend and daughter. We expect our second child in September, and therefore we spend a lot of time renovating our house, so there is room for a family of four.

At Enfants Terribles Magazine I will write about decor and design. There will be interior design for children, but I will also make sure that there is a lot of inspiration for all the other rooms in the home. In my home, and on my blog the focus is Nordic expression, and botanical living. These are two things that means so much to me, and therefore also two subjects that will be a big part of my blog posts.

 I am very happy for the opportunity to write about decor at Enfants Terribles Magazine, and I am looking forward to providing inspiring blog posts and photographs to all of you. I hope you will enjoy my work.
Warm Regards, Stine