A visit to Amy & Ivor

One of the many pleasures of my job as a photographer is getting to meet mothers with a difference. Becoming a mother is hard and a big transition for many women and this forces a change in the way that we work. Quitting work altogether, going part time, or starting something new. It often inspires new pathways and through the powers of social media and hard work balanced between entertaining the children, many of these businesses are thriving.

I met Alice earlier this year to begin work on the Amy & Ivor look book for SS15, like so many of my new connections this year, we discovered each other through Instagram. We actually studied on the same course at university so soon found out that we had passed each other in corridors and woven on the same looms. We have the same inspirations and vision for imagery and together we work well, like old friends, it is very relaxed. I always enjoy seeing her and her family. So, a little bit about the brand...


Amy & Ivor handcraft (beautiful!) leather moccasins, the quality is incredible and the colours are delicious! She began her journey when she wanted a soft shoe for her baby daughter Edie, who was starting to move around, something protective but soft to look after the little growing bones in her feet but couldn't find the a moccasin in the UK. So she decided to make one! This was early in 2013 and 18 months later she has a whole business on her hands, and two gorgeous girls to keep her busy too. 

"At Amy & Ivor we are passionate about baby feet.  The soft developing bone structure of a child’s foot is better left to grow unrestricted. A child’s developing motor skills as they start to move can be hindered by heavily structured and cumbersome footwear.  Our soft structure and breathable leather moccasins are kind to developing feet and allow the child to feel the floor beneath them. Our precious children can then experience natural freedom and learn more about their own balance and movement, by being less restricted."

Awarded by Milk Magazine as Best Footwear Brand at Playtime Paris this summer and featured in lots of press this has been a fantastic start for a working mum of two. I visited her yesterday to chat about AW15 and play with some pumpkins! We chatted about Instagram and trade shows, food and family. :)