A dreamy visit to Jardin des Plantes

Amiki is a beautiful children’s sleepwear line from Estonia, full of dreamy and light fabrics! I decided to do a shoot with their new Spring/Summer 2015 line (which has both a very classic and luxurious look and also a nautical summer theme) in the greenhouse of Jardin des Plantes in Paris, a location that definitely looks like it is a coming from a child’s creative and adventurous dreams.

Jardin des Plantes is a wonderful place to visit while in Paris, whether you are a local or a tourist and perfect for children of all ages. Jardin des Plantes is the most well known and main botanical garden in France and houses numerous museums (such as the Muséum National D’Histoire Naturelle, Grande Galeries De L’Évolution, Mineralogy Museum, Palaeontology Museum, and the Entomology Museum) as well as specialized botanical buildings and gardens (Art Deco Winter Garden, Mexican and Australian Hothouse, and The Rose Garden (one i’d personally enjoy to visit and shoot in!) and to top off all these attractions there is even a small zoo on the grounds (I myself caught a glimpse of a cute little Wallaby!) as well as a Labrinyth to explore and complete.

Currently Jardin des Plantes is not just a wonderful educational/cultural/ and recreational garden but also an active botanical school. This garden is full of history, as it was created after the French Revolution to be used a home to the animals in the Royal Menagerie in Versaille, and is the second oldest zoo in all of Europe.

The children especially loved this location, as they got to explore this jungle like area, all being extremely intrigued by the many fish in the pond (some of them even managed to touch the fish, and enjoyed when they nibbled on their fingers lightly!) I knew it was a very successful shoot as when it was time finish up and get changed all of the kids wanted to stay in their pyjamas and play some more! Always makes me happy to hear this!

Love from 
Emily Kornya