Halloween: Movies for the not-so-faint-hearted children

It's almost time for a little autumn break over here in the Netherlands! In these weeks I have to make sure I don't just do what I want to do, and visit every fleamarket around. Mostly because I'm afraid the kids will hate me and karma will come get me when I'm 74 and get dragged along to indoor playgrounds. First thing they do is mess the house up. My dream is to watch movies together, where everybody is quiet for about 1,5 hours. Well, fantasy maybe, rather than dream.

I have a daughter who is familiar with the concept of Halloween, though we don't really celebrate it over here. She loves dressing up [ a bat suit is her latest wish] and has a slight fascination with morbid stuff. This might be triggered by the fact that I love scary stories and movies so much. One of the first real stories I read to her was the Twits, by Roald Dahl. It just makes clear to anyone that there is no good, scary, interesting or gripping story without adverbs. Read it! But this post isn’t about books, though I could go on and on about Roald Dahl.

This blogpost is about what movies I might want to see during our week off. And one of them I will definitely be forcing everyone here to watch. And maybe you want a special Halloween movienight!

Runa, who is 6, does love to spend a day crafting, watching movies under blankets, drink chocolate milk and eat cookies. Mostly because of the chocolate milk and cookies, I suspect.

Here’s a list of what I have in mind for this week.

The Corpse Bride [6+]

Oooh How I love Tim Burton.  The story about Victor van Dort who is nervous about his wedding and decides to practice his wedding vows. He is heard by the corpse bride, who then rises from the grave, thinking she has married him so she takes him to the land of the dead.

Wallace and Gromit and the curse of the Were-Rabbit [6+]

Aardman animations, the best! Wallace en Gromit are on a hunt for a  mysterious creature that is out to get the village vegetables. They have to get the beast, because it could ruin the annual giant vegetable growing contest.

Monsters inc. [AL]

In my opinion better than the sequal, monsters University, it's a good one for the smallest kids in the house. All about a big energy producing company that get their energy by scaring kids in their dreams, but they themselves are scared the kids contaminate them. Sully is about to find out what a little girl is really like when Boo follows him back in to Monstropolis.

The Nightmare before Christmas.

Another Tim Burton classic, this was only written by him, not directed. It is the scary story of the Pumpkin King, Jack Skellington of Halloweentown, who finds out about christmastown and falls in love with the idea of recreating it I his own town. Spoiler; They’re not really good at it.

And last But certainly not least, this might be the winner.

Harry potter and the philosophers stone [6+]

The movie I’m going to watch as soon as the first drops of rain even just try to fall around my house, is this last one. I mean, the music, the clothes, the setting and the dark weather. What more do you need to make perfect autumn and Halloween-like memories for your kid? It’s autumn heaven! And it’s 6 and up! Yeah, let’s watch this movie in which we meet Harry for the first time. He’s taken away from his awful aunt and uncle, and he gets the chance to show everybody what a great wizard  and friend he will be at  Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

I could make a top 10, but we would never make it in a week. I think. Not with kids. Maybe the grandparents can take them? Anybody?

The given ages are according to the Dutch PG rating. I think sometimes they’re off. Like Coraline, which I love, is 6+,but is just so freaky and horrific! Yet Wallace and Gromit is 6+?! I might actually watch it with my 4 year-old.

I left out all the 9+ and older movies, but wouldn’t you just love to watch The Adams Family, The Witches, Edward Scissorhands or Beetlejuice? . Any more tips?