7 trends to watch (and follow!) this autumn-winter - part 2

We continue our series on 7 trends to watch (and follow!) this autumn-winter <3

4. Details: Animals in the city
It’s not only prints of wild animals, that have seized the stage, it’s also funny rabbit-ear-hoodies, paw-like knitted gloves, hats with ears etc. 

5.  Folkloric influences
The inspiration comes mostly form the Native Americans this season. Think about the sense of style and color in Mexico, Peru, Chile… Think about the knits and jewels they wear… And mix the details together with respect for different heritages and cultures. But have fun also!

6.  A dash of yellow here and there
Cold yellows are a rising trend that will continue its triumph also next spring and summer. Choose something lemon to your kid’s wardrobe, you can’t go wrong with it!

7.  Knits to fall for
Calm and sophisticated greys, cool blues or warm apricots are the colors to choose. The knits are not just for keeping warm, they are more like accessories for giving the final touch for the look! Or making a fun, bohemian twist for the look.