7 trends to watch (and follow!) this autumn-winter - part 1

Here are the key words (and photos) for keeping your curious mind up-dated with the trends taking place in the world of children’s fashion. Picks by me Kirsi, our new Trend Editor at Enfants Terribles Magazine. I am also a children’s fashion stylist and blogger at www.sandinyourshortskidsblog.com

1.     New kind of wild prints!
This season it’s deers and Bambi-babies, wise owls, wild wolves, clever rabbits and other wild folkloric animals, that rock the children’s fashion arena. The inspiration comes from the forest around you! Even glam and glittery Dolce & Gabanna has headed to the wild nature and found some colorful foxes for its autumn look!

1.     Faux fur jackets, coats and vests
The fuzzier they are, the trendier! For keeping your kiddo warm and happy this season – but also for creating the bohemian look that’s so trendy right now.

3. Something extra: focus on collars
If everything else looks bohemian and easy going, then collars are fancy, nostalgic and I’d call them even aristocratic. This trend of outstanding, eye-catching collars will continue to next spring and summer ;)

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