DECOR: Meet our new editor Josephine

Hi everybody. My name is Josephine and I'm so excited to be the newest member of this lovely magazine. I have the pleasure of being decor editor and I promise to do my up most to bring you all the inspiring, cool and beautiful interior news, editorials and features, that I know you all love so much. 

Somehow I guess I always knew, that decor would be my path in this life. It all started with my first Lego at the age of two. I would spent hours building and decorating the 'perfect' houses for my lego figures and when I went to school as a kid, I spent my breaks drawing houses floor plans in the schoolyard with chalk. So for as long as I can remember I have always had a big passion for interior decorating, and I guess it really is true, in the words of Enfants Terribles, 'Play is more', since I ended up having a MA in spatial & furniture design.

Besides of my passion for interior design, I am the mother of two lovely boys Oskar and Otto. They are both taking on their fathers interest in music, so if they are not making tunes them self with all their instruments and microphones, they ask to listen to old records or hear their playlists on the stereo. Oskar, who is four-years old, described us very well the other day when he look at me and said 'Mom, we are a very loud family'. True. We are loud, but we find that being a little bit loud, being able to express joy, laughter, tears, sadness and love makes room for our playing and creativity. As a family we like to spend time together going to the theater, concerts and art exhibitions, but we also love the fact that we live on the countryside with the ocean right next to us, the beautiful woods and the crispy fresh air. 

I hope to pass on to you, my love for design, interior decorating and creativity. And, I hope that you will be able to find inspiration within the blogpost and through the magazine, to make your homes exactly how you want it to be, so that everyday magic can occur.

Love to all, Josephine