4 trends I believe in

When you can call yourself Trend Editor, the titel kind of calls for a bit of trend scouting. So here you go. 4 children's clothing trends I believe will be big this summer.


1. Everything handmade

From handmade clothes to handmade shoes, knits, moccasins and toys. Handmade has become a sought after thing on the children's market, and this season it’s just going to get even bigger.  Buying handmade shows that you’re a conscious consumer who likes an individual and simple style, and in my perspective this is one of the more positive trends that is definitely worth going after. 

Wolfe Child


2. Linen fabric

this long-lasting, good looking and naturally produced material seems to be everywhere this season, and since I’m a huge fan of linen, this is one trend that I’m going to adapt to my children's wardrobe.

The colors

when I had my first child almost seven years ago, every little girl growing up in scandinavia would be wearing purple and brown from top to toe. Luckily that has changed, and I’m in love with the combination of cognac and greys mixed with dusty pastels like pink, mint and a grayish blue pinstripe that we see from a lot of brands right now.

socks in sandals

This is probably my favorite when it comes to spring / summer 2016 children's trends simply because of the fact that it has been faut pas in so many many years and still is when it comes to adults. But how cute doesn’t it look with a pair of knee socks in an open sandal? Not to mention the fact that it will add a few month of use to your sandals which then again might safe you from buying that extra pair of in between shoes. In my household we’re big spokesmen for the socks-in-children’s-sandals trend, which you can see proof of on my instagram right here.