3rd of Dec #ETMAGXMAS

Today we open the 3rd door in the Enfants Terribles Advent Calendar. Remember when you we're a kid and opening that cardboard advent calendar with Santa's sleigh swooshing over the sky, was an almost magical highlight of the day? Well, we wanted to provide you with a possibility of finding your way back to those moments of simple joy. Read more about what this somewhat oldschool calendar is about right here.

Every day up until Christmas you can go to our website and open a new door in the Advent Calendar on the front page of www.enfantsterriblesmag.dk and find a new illustration and DIY. 

Don't forget to check out the Giveaway that we're hosting this week with Icelandic Children's Clothing brand Íglo & Indí. You can win a 150€ giftcertificate for their webshop, if you get creative with your little ones by making some Christmas magic happen together, either by telling your own story inspired by Kajsa'sillustration or by making a Christmas ornament for your home by following the very simple instructions of Barbara Gay's DIY.

Share your moments by using the #etmagmxmas. Every week we draw a winner from all entries.

You can see all the DIY here!

Download your Christmas Calendar Card here!