Pitti Bimbo SS15

This June was my first time attending Pitti Bimbo and I was in awe. I must say I felt at home right away among beautiful Firenze, Italian culture and gorgeous clothing! The majority of my time was spent at the fashion shows as well as having the lucky opportunity to attend the Fashion from Spain show rehearsals. You could definitely see the kids excitement for the show and to be seeing old friends and making new friends here. The kids were full of energy and personality, so a perfect atmosphere for taking photos.

The shows were all wonderful and unique, and through their stunning and intricate set design on the runway they told interesting stories while showcasing their design (in my opinion their art). Miss Blumarine was a luxurious trip to the beach, with a runway filled with real sand and fans blowing beside the runway to create a 'wind in your hair'  effect, creating a very romantic and dreamy atmosphere to match the decadent clothing.

Fashion from Spain (featuring Spanish designer; Desigual, Losan, Barcarola, Pan Con Chocolate, Boboli, Mayoral, Graci, Condor) was a energetic and incredibly fun trip to an open air Brazilian market! I just wanted to get up and dance with the kids during this show (who indeed concluded the show dancing and having a fiesta on stage!) The special thing about fashion from Spain is that it is choreographed creating a story telling effect, it's very interactive and enchanting.

Fun&Fun was a World Cup theme, including a runway made out of grass! The highlights included the finale where the kids came out holding and swinging large flags from countries of the world. I loved their choice of pairing many of the outfits for girls with jelly sandals as well, like the photo of Kristina in the eye catching sequined jersey style dress,  this is definitely the way to look 'sporty'!

I Pinco Pallino was beautiful and outside (unlike other shows) the children looked like walking to an enchanted secret garden. Personally the clothing from I Pinco Pallino is my favourite collection from the runway (hard choice they all were pretty special) but this one very much spoke to me. I loved the textures and artfulness of the garments, also the hint of playfulness, my favourite piece was a white blouse with a embroidered grey cat on the side.

Il Gufo was so dreamy, like reading a great bedtime story! It had beautiful effects, like a pool of water set narrowly on the runway and water 'rain' coming from the rafters, as well as the electric 'swimming' fish! I love the interaction in this show like in Fashion from Spain, the kids put sailboats in the water, stood under the 'rain' with their umbrellas and said hello to the fish.

Parrot was so fun, personally I'm a huge fan of music from the 60s/70s so this was perfect! The set up too, a end of the school year impromtu disco party with disco balls hanging from the rafters, colorful lite up balls on the ground, big chairs and balloons. What is very special about this show is after the models did their runway walk they sat down on the side of the runway and talked, played and threw around balloons with their friends, creating a real party effect, reminded me of childhood sleepover parties.


To finish of the shows was Philipp Plein, a pirate theme show, with real sand even. The models had amazing props for this show carrying treasure chests, parrots, swords, guns, wearing eye patches. It was like pirates of the Caribbean with younger pirates and looking more stylish. I am a huge fan of the Philipp Plein leather jackets, as well as the 'Bite me' boys collection.

After all this excitement as well as meeting and chatting with designers at the trade show (ps:so many amazing things coming for SS15!) I will have to say the very best moment of the show was going backstage after the fashion from Spain show and seeing the reactions of the models. I immediately saw one model I knew (I met her 2 days before and adored the spirit of this girl) and she ran up to me and have me a big hug and kiss and the smile on her face was magical, so much happiness, excitement, pride and love, she was so thrilled with being in the show which is the best part, seeing the kids happiness and dreams come true. Moments later two boys I knew also come to join the hug with the exact same emotions on their faces. Magical, beautiful, like Christmas morning! From the show I met many amazing people, had wonderful dinners with them, tried to speak Italian (they are very patient with me!), and saw many beautiful friendships grow between the children (some who didn't even speak the same language) who were all having the time of their lives.

Word and Pictures: Emily Kornya - web: www.emilykornya.com - Instagram: @emilykornya