1st of Dec #ETMAGXMAS

It's December 1st and you've just opened the first door in the Enfants Terribles Magazine Advent Calendar. Every day up until Christmas you can go to our website and open a new door in the calendar on the front page of www.enfantsterriblesmag.dk and find a new illustration and DIY.

The essence of this calendar is to offer you two daily playful routines:

24 unique illustrations  - made for the purpose of creative storytelling. Together with your children YOU make up your own story day by day. Kajsa will add new details every day up until Christmas, where the Calendar will be completed and released with a little video of it's coming to life. 

24 little Christmas themed DIY's. One for every day. We  promise they are all easy to make with your kids in no more than 15 minutes and you can do it with supplies you most likely allready have at home, meaning no stress, just everyday happy moments spent getting creative with your little ones. And by the end of the countdown you'll have plenty of ornaments to decorate your tree or home.

As an extra little something we've teamed up with some of our favorite labels to be able to do a weekly Christmas Giveaway. Every week we will introduce a new Prize and Label on the blog. You can read more about the giveaway here.

Playing is essential to us. We keep repeating this mantra, because we want to share with you what for us works as a secret passage to a happy and creative place. This is why we wanted to do this special Christmas Calendar for our readers. Teaming up with Kajsa Wallin and Barbara Gay on this December project we've created a place where you can come find inspiration for a creative afternoon moment and a cosy bedtime story. We hope you'll take time out of your busy day to give it a go and look forward to sharing these moments with you during the next few weeks.

Søs & Céline

Download you Christmas Calendar Card here!