Gallerie Enfants Terribles: Meeri Anneli

Meeri Anneli - Illustrator and Stationary designer, 30.
Lives in Melbourne, Australia, with her Husband Matt (and a growing babybump - yay!)

Meeri is our 3rd feature here in the Enfants Terribles Gallerie.  She has previously lived in Helsinki, Finland and Stockholm Sweden, so she is no stranger to the Scandinavian lifestyle, which her detailed, naturalistic, and soft illustrative style clearly reveals.

We asked Meeri a few questions about her life and work:

Tell us your story? How did you end up doing what you do?
I have always been interested in drawing & illustration from a young age.  I studied art in high school and then pursued it further in University (getting my BA Fine Arts in Sydney Australia + MA Environmental Art in Helsinki Finland) and have continued down the creative path ever since. Currently I work during the week as a stationery designer, and also work on personal illustration projects. 

What does the title of our newest issue "Tales of Midsummer" evoke in you?
It reminds me of the warm summer evenings spent in Finland, at the family’s summer cottage… enjoying sauna & eating homemade pies made from blueberries we had picked from the forest!

Best Childhood midsummer memory?
Since I grew up in Australia, my midsummer memories are slightly newer. but I have spent many summers in Helsinki Finland, and i think these memories are some of the loveliest experiences… spending time at my family’s summer cottage is always a highlight, and being able to have the traditional wood-fired sauna and then jump straight into the sea - it’s magic!

We asked Meeri to show us some pieces that captures the essence of her work: