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If you feel like Enfants Terribles Magazine might be the right place for you and your brand to advertise, then we are very happy to welcome you into our wild. 
As we are still a young magazine we are introducing adds at very favorable introduction rates and we hope that this will allow even smaller brands to advertize in our issues. We have 2 more issues coming up this year for the AW14/15 collections exposure: September and November. 
Please email us on enfantsterriblesmag@gmail.com att. AD and we will send you our ad folder, where all rates and options are featured.

We are always on the lookout for partners for our creative colaborations. If you want another approach to advertising in the magazine, we are more than happy to come up new and alternative ways of exposing your brand. We can also offer to shoot ads and campaign phootage and do the digital set ups if you should be in need of these services.